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Pendulum introduces the new contract developed by the Legal Team to expedite administrative procedures.

*The legal professionals have benefited by signing new contracts based on the Pendulum service philosophy.

Last June, our Legal Division scheduled meetings on a national level to share the new terms incorporated into the contract, and the improvements made to the existing conditions.

Pendulum is using this new contracting method to improve its administrative processes by reducing each relationship to one single contract, thereby facilitating the allocation of our current and future client portfolios and making sure that the legal team is able to bill just one company, instead of billing by type of asset, as it was done in the past.

The starting point to explain the new contracts was Tijuana, after which the Legal Division moved through the different cities where the company operates and closed the process in Cancún.

Each meeting focused on providing an explanation of the main changes made to the contract and the business rules to be applied for the rest of this year.

"Pendulum is implementing a new service culture and this type of project strengthens and deepens the relationship with our legal team with its Win-Win strategy" said the National Coordinator for External Programs.