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We have changed our streamlined Borrower Service processes

*We opened a new Customer Service Business Division intended to address concerns, answer questions and offer explanation on all types of borrowing procedures under the established Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

This Division takes all incoming calls from Borrowers who have questions, need advice, ask for clarifications about their payments and in general, everything related to their loans. Customer Service is accessible under the toll-free number.

Service excellence is becoming a part of the new Pendulum business philosophy based on providing opportunities and offering effective and efficient solutions on time. Consequently, all clarifications or procedures a Borrower wishes to perform, have been defined in the Service Level Agreements (SLAs), which are measurable and provide compliance goals for all of the different processes and issues that Borrowers may wish to clarify.

SLA's measure:

  • The areas involved in different requests for clarification,
  • Criteria involving the assessment of a given process,
  • Estimated response times from each area involved, and consequently
  • The estimated total response time needed for each clarification.

Different SLAs were established in order to analyze: Responsiveness to the clarifications, Quality of Service, Response Time, Contact and engagement with the Borrowers.

SLAs responses are obtained through surveys that are sent to Borrowers each time a clarification process is closed. This survey includes four questions that measure the Borrower's perception in terms of its opinion about the clarification, the level of service received, the response time and the amiability with which they were treated throughout the process.

Without a doubt, SLAs involve transparency in the different phases involved in a clarification. In turn, they yield important information about the level of service provided to the Borrowers, thus promoting Continuous Improvement centered on providing Extraordinary Service Levels.

We invite all Borrowers who have closed their clarification process to answer this survey that will help us improve our service levels.

We DO take our most important customer's opinions into account.