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Pendulum strongly believes in the importance of social work, and thus supported its Hermosillo team in visiting the Cruz Gálvez Boarding School on December 13th, 2013, for the third year in a row.

The Hermosillo regional team has always been known for its teamwork in coming up with creative and original activities. This year, all of the Associates worked together to coordinate, design and stage "La Familia Peluche Christmas Play" Yes indeed!

The enthusiastic cooperation and engagement of the regional Associates helped Pendulum meet its goal, once again, of collecting toys, candies, cakes, piñatas, soft drinks, and pizzas and taking the La Familia Peluche Christmas play to the children, to see them smile and have a great time.

"The whole team contributed to make this social activity a truly special event for the children at the boarding school. Some contributed with toys, buying sweets and getting costumes," Maria del Carmen Lugo, Hermosillo Office Manager.

"We truly appreciate the fact that the company supports us with this type of activities that solidify our position as one single team, in addition by doing a heroic job with these little ones. We had so much fun!" Arturo Ojeda, Regional Collections Coordinator.