Pendulum Associates S.A. de R.L

Cotizador de inmuebles a paquetes

1.- What is Pendulum?

We are a portfolio management firm with over 15 years of experience in the financial sector. We work with financial institutions, supporting them in the tasks of collections and legal processes. We are characterized within the sector as one of the top companies for distinct reasons:

- We have our own Code of Ethics and Conduct which guarantees that we will give you the attention you need.
- We have international certifications that endorse us as the leading company in service processes and programs on a national level.
- We have nationwide presence and specialized personnel.

2.- Are you a property development company?

No, but we offer the same services as any developer.

​In addition to property development and sale, we also provide the legal consulting required for your property.

Pendulum is a portfolio management firm; nevertheless, within our main areas of business is our real estate division, which manages properties that were obtained via a legal process that registered Pendulum as the new owner.

3.- What is meant by management firm?

We are a private company which undertakes then complete management of current and past due mortgage loans or mortgage portfolios, with the same powers of the originating financial institution.

We relieve financial firms of certain operational activities implied by follow-up of the loans, such as: receipt of payment, release of deeds, and sale of litigation rights, to name a few.

4.- What type of properties does the company own?

We have a great diversity of options:

  • Our housing units include entry-level, middle-income and residential housing.
  • In commercial units, we offer warehouses, stores and commercial lots.
We will be pleased to present you with all of our options.
We are certain they will meet your needs!

5.- In which areas are the properties located?

We own properties across Mexico, in metropolitan areas and the Federal District as well as outside of Mexico City.

Visit the section Property Search, where you will find the list of properties available to you. They are classified under distinct search criteria.

6.- In what conditions do they sell the properties?

Once the property is foreclosed, the rights are sold depending on the phase of regularization it is currently undergoing. Three different conditions are mentioned:

  • Property without deeds
  • Property with deeds without possession
  • Property with deeds and possession

It is worth noting that as a portfolio management firm, we have foreclosed properties that are not necessarily available for immediate delivery, but that represent an excellent investment option.

Ask us about these properties!

You may contact one of our executives to arrange to see the available options.
Contact us via e-mail at:

7.- If I am interested in one of the properties in your catalog, do you accept mortgage credit?

Yes, you may utilize this means, as long as the selected property is available for immediate delivery with a proper deed.
Foreclosed assets have outstanding credit. The institution that authorizes your credit will most likely require that the house has deeds and is free of liens; nonetheless, the deeds for this type of houses have an unpaid mortgage lien, which requires the acquisition process to be carried out using distinct purchasing techniques.

Contact us. We will be happy to advise you.

8.-What do I need to know before confirming my purchase?

Our staff will advise you on whatever you need in order to facilitate the purchase of your property.

Remember that you must:

1.- Verify the PPR of each of the selected properties.
2.- Verify all debts related to property, water, condominial or others to be paid as part of the consolidation of the property.
3.- Carry out a verification of the current physical conditions of the property(ies).
​4.- Where appropriate, consult the judicial file. ​

​9.- If I wish to see the property on the inside is this possible?

Yes, as long as it is listed among our properties available for immediate delivery.

Your executive will be happy make an appointment to show you the property.

10.- How likely is it that the houses remain occupied?

Due to that they are obtained via repossession, in the majority of cases the residents remain on the properties.

11.- If they do not want to leave, what should I do?

You have two options:

  • Attempt negotiating with the people in a peaceful manner, making reference to that you are now the owner of the property.
  • Initiate legal proceedings to obtain possession.

12.- If I obtain a transfer of rights, will the company continue the process to generate the deed and possession?

No. When the transferee obtains a transfer, he or she also obtains the responsibility to continue the process in his or her favor and take possession of the property.

13.- Who is the owner of the property rights?

Pendulum owns some of the portfolios and manages others.
For owned properties, Pendulum undoubtedly has the rights; likewise, it acts as a representative for the properties from portfolios it manages.

14.- Once I have purchased the pro, when do I obtain the deeds?

Delivery of the deeds is part of the legal process to be continued upon purchase of the rights.

​Deeds may be obtained in the moment you reach this stage.

15.- Do I need to consult with an attorney in order to continue with the transfer of rights?

Yes, that is the most recommendable option, as you must continue with the process in order to obtain the deeds.

At Pendulum, we advise you in the purchase of your transfer, nevertheless you as new transferee must undergo and seek assistance from a professional during the entire legal process.