Pendulum Associates S.A. de R.L

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Business Vision
To be the most profitable servicer of assets nationwide, a leader in the Financial Sector that provides management services to various industries with the highest levels of quality, service, talent and technological innovation.
Provide all-inclusive services for current and non-performing loan portfolios, including tracking, control, follow up and efficient negotiations with equal benefits for debtors and financial customers alike, plus other players in the industry.
Nuestros pilares empresariales
Our business vision is complemented by the definition of certain business pillars which have marked our leadership position in the sector:
  • a) Service, what we do every day.
  • b) Financial Health, our trust.
  • c) Efficiency, our responsibility.
  • d) Team, our best strategy.
  • e) Clients, our advisers.
  • f) Continuous improvement, to be the best.
  • g) Ethics, our transparency.