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Pendulum was founded in 1999. We are currently the largest provider of asset management services and recovery of non-performing and current loan portfolios in Mexico, specializing in mortgages and commercial loans.

We operate as a platform for collection and asset management. Unlike most companies in the sector, Pendulum has no conflicts of interest because it does not originate loans and guarantees the transparency of its operations. We are different because we solve problems.

We are a company with experience both in asset and collection management and litigation. We understand the needs of the industry, therefore we offer cutting-edge solutions that effectively help to restructure debts/loans, providing peace of mind to Borrowers, in terms of their assets, and help to solve cash flows for banks and lending institutions.

We manage the litigation program with the highest number of active lawsuits, consisting of a network of attorneys located throughout Mexico.

We offer a wide range of comprehensive services, including: