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Standard & Poor’s assigns satisfactory ranking to Pendulum in 2013
as Primary, Master and Special Servicer of Assets.

*We obtained rankings that prove managerial, technological and business capabilities in the administration of residential, current and non-performing loans, for the second year in a row.

Since its foundation, Pendulum pledged to position the company as an industry leader. Today we are able to confirm this with the latest ranking received, for the second year in the row, from the international rating agency Standard & Poor’s:

Standard and Poor’s ratifies our strengths with following rankings:


  • The management team and staff have the proper experience needed to manage assets;
  • Its organizational structure is solid and fully dedicated to supporting asset management operations;
  • It has an extensive training program focused on strengthening collection management skills;
  • Its quality controls and audit environment are widespread;
  • The technology platform is robust and provides high levels of automation in operations, and
  • The company has extensive experience managing diverse asset portfolios.



S&P opinion


"The Standard & Poor's Ratings Services for Pendulum S. de R.L. de C.V. (Pendulum) are ABOVE AVERAGE as Special Servicer of Assets and AVERAGE as Primary and Master Servicer of residential assets.


We recently raised our sub-classification of managerial capacity and organizational structure from AVERAGE to ABOVE AVERAGE as Primary Servicer.


The outlook is stable."

Standard & Poor’s


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